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Exploring the Atlantic Wild Horse Trail with Bonnie Gruenberg

Author’s Note

I have been researching horses in the wild since 1994, to satisfy an abiding fascination for the horse as Nature created him. Our domesticated horses spend their lives accepting the most artificial of living circumstances: confinement, concentrated grain fed at mealtimes, isolation and castration. We nail iron plates to their feet and train these flighty prey animals to carry our predatory selves on their backs. Our horses are our partners, athletes who work with us and for us. Who defy their very natures to do what we ask, and who form strong bonds with us. They even love us - maybe as much as we love them - and seem to enjoy the jobs they do.

But what is the horse really?  What do we see when we strip away the veneer of domestication. If he is given the opportunity for self-determination from birth to death, what will he do, where will he go, and who will he live with? I research horses in the wild because I want to know the answers to these questions. I want to see for myself what happens to an adolescent filly who has dispersed from her band, the stallion in his prime challenged by a strapping young rival, the mare who disappears into the underbrush to return with a tottering newborn. I want to learn the truths of equine behavior and to know these compelling animals as they really are.

Most of my research involves the wild horses of the Eastern seaboard. In 2015, I released the award-winning The Wild Horse Dilemma:Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Cast Herds, nearly 600 pages of in depth research and unique photographs. For readers interested in a specific herd, I spun each of the chapters into the Hoofprints collection, a separate, concise book about each population.Soon I will release Wild Horse Vacations, a two-volume travel guide to visiting the herds, and Discover Wild Horses: The Kids Guide to the Atlantic Coast Herds. Hoofprints in the Sand: Wild horses of the Atlantic Coast was my first book published in 2002 by Eclipse Press,and re-released on Kindle in 2014 by Quagga Press. For information about my books, visit

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Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg

writer, photographer, artist, midwife


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